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Revival Run_Pappa New Guinea

Here is a story from Down Under – I hope that this story inspires you to wait for the specific place that God is talking to you about before you do your Revival Run. Its exciting to think that God’s heart is everyone but that he talks to us about specific places at specific times. Check this out;

“This prayer stake was one that God told me had to go to New Guinea, so I held onto it until it was the right time. In August of 2011, I was talking to one of my cousins who I had not seen in a while and explained about revival run and that I knew the stake needed to go to New Guinea but I had no way to get it there. It turned out that he was to go to New Guinea in the next few weeks. I know that stake went to New Guinea with my prayers for revival for the town I was born in. I also prayed for peace for that land.”

This is one of the latest stories to reach us at Rev Run HQ and we hope that this has inspired you to listen out for the places that God is starting to talk to you about and then take a Revival Run to that place and just pray God’s best all over it. Make sure you let us know how the adventure went, we love to hear what you are doing and what God is doing.


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