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Revival Run_Belfast

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
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Check this video out that has been posted by Phil Togwell from Prayer Spaces in Schools.

For those of you that have been following the story of Revival Run you will have seen that there seems to be something really exciting happening with Ireland/Northern Ireland  at the moment. Here at Rev Run HQ we have requests coming in for stakes, and are being sent loads of stories of different Revival Runs that are happening all over Ireland/Northern Ireland. We are believing and praying for a massive move of God to sweep across Ireland.

Here is the story from Phil;

“We went to pray outside the main Government building in Belfast – Stormont. We prayed for the whole of Ireland, North and South of the border, and especially for the children and young people of those nations, of that one land.”

We cant get away from the fact that there is something about Ireland at the moment and so if you would like to join in with the story and this has inspired you to make a Revival Run to Ireland/Northern Ireland then please do contact us and we will send you some stakes. Be the adventure.

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