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Revival Run_Washington DC

A year ago, Dave, a member of Global Generation Church moved out to Washington DC to work in the British Embassy as a Butler. On a recent trip to visit his brother, Mark took some prayer stakes along with him to pray the most audacious, loud and far-reaching prayer he could for the city, community and country which Dave lives in. Together they plated prayer stakes in the ground at significant places and landmarks in the capital and prayed expectantly for God to break out; to move with his presence to see America changed for God! How exciting! This is what Mark said about the trip:

“Whilst on holiday in Washington DC my brother and I planted several prayer stakes at landmarks including the Lincoln Memorial, The White House and Capitol Hill as well as the British Embassy, expectant that God will impact one of the most influential cities in the world. Awakening churches and influencing world leaders. We also gave a whole load of prayer stakes away to the church Dave goes to in Washington to encourage them to pray audaciously for their country in a way that only they can.”

Maybe you are going on holiday to visit a place of influence or just visiting family or friends churches and want to give the gift of audacious prayer away to see God break out. If so, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ area of the website and request some prayer stakes! Be the adventure!

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