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Revival Run_Survival Kit

As mentioned in number four of the Revival Run Ten Commandments, here is your Revival Run Survival Kit. Essentially, it’s a list of things that you might need on your adventures around praying for God to break out in more than just your own towns and communities! Check it out:

1/ Prayer Stakes:

Take some prayer stakes as a symbol that the ground you are praying for is marked out and claimed; in other words plant your prayer in the ground you want to see changed! Without taking a prayer stake, planting it and going on an adventure of willingness we won’t pray our best prayers because it hasn’t cost us anything! We are acting on our prayers and planting our prayer exactly where we want God to move! The #1 thing in our Revival Run Survival Kit for sure!

2/Journal (Pen and paper):

Make sure you write down your journey and adventure! You never know where it will take it you, what you will experience and how you’ll feel and even who you will meet and what effect they may have. Every time we have prayed somewhere we felt was significant, we have met significant people and significant things have happened. Also spreading your story will encourage others to pray and plant more prayers asking God to break out and move all over!


For most of us, a phone is essential in everyday life and the need is all the more when on a Revival Run! Your plans could change, you could need a hotel or need to call out the breakdown recovery service, although hopefully not! But most of all, we want you to record your adventure! Tweet about it, facebook it,text people about it and invite them on the journey too. Make some contacts at your prayer destination and pray for their area with them; they may take you to some local spots!

4/Camera/Video camera:

The other way to record your adventure is through film! We want your photo’s and video’s from anywhere you’ve planted a prayer stake and prayed for God to move. Sharing stories builds faith and encourages others to step out and be the adventure. So encourage someone else and record your prayer adventure and send it to us to post on the website.


Take a map – you never know where else you may feel led to pray along your journey or around your destination. It’s also really handy if you get lost!


As it states in the Revival Run Ten Commandments (, traveling light is important whether it be by plane, train, boat or car but, however we travel, we have to get there!

7/Some money in your pocket:

Always an important one, just in case!


The attitude of going no matter how foolish or mischievous it might be is the mark of a revival runner. Be love to everyone you meet and shine who Jesus was in every situation. This is one tool in the survival kit that will get you anywhere you need to go and some places you may not have intended to as well! We are called to be like Jesus and go no matter what.

9/Another prayer stake:

Take more than one prayer stake and plant them all over! Make it intentional and make it audacious but pray where-ever you can and where-ever you feel led to.

Also, give one away to somebody you meet a long the way so that they can be the adventure, like you had been to them!



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