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Revival Run_Ten Commandments

Revival Run_ 10 Commandments

1) Stop_ take some time to stop and invite God to invade your prayer adventure.

2) Think_ about where the Holy Spirit is wanting you to go (often it’s the place you are already thinking about).

3) Go_ make a plan of exactly where you should go and plant your prayer stake. Think Big, Think Adventure and Think Different.

4) Be prepared_ check out the revival run survival kit* and check you have everything you need to “be the adventure”.

5)Travel light // take only what you need_ pack light and travel light.

6) Don’t go it alone_ Jesus said when you go, go in two’s (at least).

Draw others into your Revival Run adventure_ who knows they might find Jesus along the way. (Maybe get your youth/house group to go prayer staking together)

7) Get some intel_ its always good to make a little research into where you are going.

Why not google ˜revival in such and such” and see what comes up? Find out the oldest church in the area or if your brave enough, send out a message in your church to see if anyone knows a church leader you can pray for in that place.

8. Be what it says on the label_

If you are asked what you are doing you have to tell them the truth no matter how foolish it may seem! You are on a Revival Run and wanting God to bless that place. That is the true reason you are there (and then offer to pray for that person).

9) Be Good News_

Revival Runners pray prayers of blessing and hope, using Psalm 24 as the benchmark of our prayer, inviting the King of Glory to open up the ancient wells of revival and invade that place with his Presence.

10) Be relational_

Each of us are representatives of the Kingdom; co-partners with God in being who He is, right here and now. Which means that a Revival Runner needs to be relational with who-ever they meet and wherever they are. It’s likely that God will put people in your path and relationships/connections will be formed all over the place so be sure to leave an impression! (who knows you may even entertain angels)


* For the revival run survival kit please visit


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