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Revival Run_Summer Festivals

So the olympics are over but the spirit of unity in Great Britain seems to remain, the olympics represented something to all of us that standing for something is a fundamental desire that exists in all humans. The Human race was never supposed to evolve to a place where we merely pursued our own material ambitions it was supposed to be about unity and generosity as we gave ourselves away to each other and looked how best we could love each other.


As a team we are excited about the season that the UK finds it self in with what God is doing and about to do. As we look back over the last couple of months we have given away over 3,500 prayer stakes to festivals in Northern Ireland and Scotland. This is amazing and we are looking forward to the stories that we will hear as a result of these festivals but also we are also excited by the stories that we will never hear. What we know and believe is that there is a desire in the nations for God to move and when people are full of faith and their passion for revival physically moves them to go to another place and ask for more there then at home, Heaven is moved by this.

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