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Revival Run_Clan Gathering 2012

So its seems Revival Run is entering a season of massive stake requests from around the UK. If you have been following the Revival Run story you will know that recently we sent 2500 to Northern Ireland and then last week we had a request for 1000 stakes to be sent up to Scotland for the Clan gathering. This event has now started and so we thought we would share some information about what the Clan Gathering is. Any Revival Run story that includes Scotland is always exciting for all the team because it was from Ramsgate in Kent to Scotland that became the first ever Revival Run, so Scotland has always and will always have a place of affection for the Revival Run team. Revival Run stakes were used at the Clan gathering last year and because of the success the prayer team up there requested that some more be sent up.

Here is some information that we got sent from Debbie Meehan the 24/7 prayer representative that requested these stakes for the Clan Gathering.

“CLAN Gathering is a dynamic, varied and fun filled event for every age. It starts onSaturday the 28th of July at 7pm and runs through until the end of Friday the 3rd ofAugust.  With a full programme for children, youth, church leaders and adults, there really is something for everyone, every day, and year after year thousands of people come back, excited to see what God is going to do.

Today is the Day of Salvation

All over Scotland God is on the move. He is stirring his saints with a passion to reach out in Jesus name, and story after story is being told of people coming to faith. Some are encountering Jesus on the streets, others at work, and still more through theirChristian friends and family.

God is on the move and He is calling his Church to come with him. He is calling us to become a missionary movement. CLAN Gathering 2012 will be a rallying point for all those in Scotland who long to seethe Kingdom of God break out in our nation. At CLAN this year, people will be encouraged to take a Revival Run stake and become part of the adventure to see this nation transformed!”

You can check out all the information about the event at

As a team we are excited to see what stories will come out of this event – with a thousand stakes being requested so that they can be given away – it gets very exciting when you start thinking about what different adventures are waiting to happen. If you would like to do a revival run but cant get to the Clan Gathering then do not worry you can contact us directly and we will send you some prayer stakes so that you can take an adventure in to generosity and go to a different area to your home and pray for God to do something amazing in that place.


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