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Revival Run_Ireland Summer Madness

So about two months ago we had a request from the 24/7 guys in Ireland for a huge amount of Revival Run prayer stakes, to put this into perspective before this order came in the biggest order we have had was 200 stakes. So when an order for 2,500 stakes came in we knew that there was something exciting brewing.

Their vision was to give away stakes at the “Summer Madness” event in Ireland, the idea was to impart the vision of revival run to all the young people that attended and activate them to take the prayer stake to somewhere else and pray that there would be an outrageous move of God in that place.

This was certainly something that the was as the Revival Run team wanted to support so we got to the task of making these stakes and sending them out to Ireland.

Since the event we have heard some of the stories, below is an extract from an email that we received after the event with some of the highlights;

  • one young guy came up and said he was going on holidays with his mates to spain and said he wanted to plant some stakes to pray when he was there.
  • one young girl came forward in a wheelchair with her mum and dad. She had planned to go to SA this summer on a mission trip over a year ago but a few months after decided suffered a brain aneurysm. They were able to keep her alive and she eventually became conscious again although she is currently paralysised from the neck down.  Over the past 6 months there has been enourmous amount of prayer for her and apparently her facebook page has attracted lots of people.  While she still has a long way to go some of her senses have come back to her in the last few months and miraculously the doctors have allowed her to go on her mission trip and covered her insurance!!! She and the rest of her team are loaded up with prayer stakes now for their trip to SA!!  Amazing!!

These stories are awesome and its so exciting to hear what God is doing to set people up for their Revival Run. All reports from Ireland indicate that this event was a total success, the young people caught the vision and are planning to start an adventure and take their prayers to another location and pray the best prayers over that land.

Watch this space to hear more faithbuilding stories coming out from people who are taking a spirit of generosity to new levels as they ask for something greater to be done somewhere else first before its done at home second.

If you have been inspired by these stores and would like to do a revival run please contact us and we can make that happen.

Be the Adventure

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