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Revival Run_Share the story

So here we are almost at the end of March and 2012 has rapidly moved from winter to spring and with that brings the sight of new life everywhere you look. It’s this idea of life that is fundamental to the vision of Revival Run and if you have followed the story, or just stumbled onto this website you will see that everything we do carries this frequency of life and living life to the full. The strap line for Revival Run is “be the adventure” and that is what we are going for as a team, to equip people with the spirit of generosity and the desire to make a pilgrimage to another town, city or nation and pray that God would do something outrageous there, ultimately to have an adventure with God and blessing someone else.
If you have read the latest blog from Mike Andrea you will see that the dream for the future of Revival Run is that every city in the UK could be the subject of a prayer staking adventure  and that ultimately every nation of the world would have a Revival Run happen there.
So that is where we are going and as a team we are keen to hear any stories of Revival Runs that have happened. If you let us know then we can let other people know what has happened and that story could become the encouragement that someone else needs, or could spark and idea in another person to go and pray the spirit of Revival would sweep a place. So what we are asking is please send your stories in we love to hear and read about them no matter how big or small, no matter how far or near you travel, let us know and then we get to record the testimony of prayer that is happening which is amazing.
you can send us your story via email or through the website or send a letter we really don’t mind. Massive blessings from the Revival Run team. Be the adventure!

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