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Revival Run_27,000 Paryer Stakes Later

27,000 Prayer Stakes Later… Chopsticks, Universities and the World.

It’s November, I am visiting the Kansas City Boiler Room, it’s early and I find myself praying about the year ahead and all that comes with it. I’m a husband, father and friend, lead a church with amazing people, serve with others to shape our community and probably a few more things could go on the list.
Then in all of this is the Revival Run story, every time I start to think about wrapping it up something else comes along that screams out leave it alone.
Stories of chopsticks and prayer adventures across Malaysia, church leaders in Australia ‘Revival Running’ the region, epic 24hr prayer jaunts across Ireland and conspiracies of mobilising raw irrational prayers throughout universities. It just keeps on going, just by itself.
I’m not a ‘prayer guy’, just someone that stumbled into one of God’s ideas that has seemingly caught on in different places.
If you ask ‘why?’, I would answer ‘why not?’ regardless of what we call it, people are praying for one another, it’s genuine, heartfelt and sometimes sacrificial.
Just the impact of receiving someone who has travelled to pray for you and your place of influence is amazing, planting something of who they are into our own places speaks of generosity and preferring each other in love. Continually we are compelled throughout the Bible to put others first, to share all that we have, to PRAY for one another without ceasing.
When I think about all the stories about the Apostles travelling far and wide, they carried a compelling for the gospel and a passion to be with others, always looking for an opportunity that they may ‘come and encourage’ and this is what is increasingly happening in the story of Revival Run and so many other things in the world right now.

Here we are 2012 rolling into adventures, looking to be generous and encourage others in prayer and we really feel God saying go further, believe for more …be the adventure.

So what next?_
We have been captivated by the scripture that tells the disciples to go from Jerusalem, to Judea, Samaria and the rest of the world, so we thought ‘let’s do that then’!

1) We are going to bless every church in our locality – our Jerusalem, 63 churches. Every week a small team will leave the Prayer Lock In and go to and pray in the grounds of a local church, prayer stake it and simply ask for God to go beyond our wildest dreams for ourselves for that church. In that same week we are also going to send them a little treat and thank them for what they are doing in reaching the community we live in. We want to celebrate what they are doing!

2) Throughout 2012 we want to see every city in the UK prayer staked through Revival Run. Sarah Miller from HTB nudged the idea by being brave, praying to be led to certain places, contacting local church leaders and simply going there with a small team and blessing them. Amazing stories have been coming from these guys and you read some on the website.
There are 66 official cities in the UK.

Finally …the big one .
3) To see every major capital of the world experience a Revival Run and be prayer staked. In total there are 196, that’s 196 opportunities for people to literally be the adventure and pray for a global move of God…C’mon.
We are making special capital city prayer stakes to give to anyone who is going to those places….it would be amazing.
This may not happen in a year but it could be amazing!


By Mike Andrea (Team Leader)

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  1. Zac Crawley says:

    Check this awesome comment out, we love hearing these stories;

    “Hello, I attended the 2011 24/7 prayer Euro gathering in frankfurt, which is where I picked up two prayer stakes, that I would later take around the world with me while i was travelling on my gap year. One revivalrun stake is sitting loud and proud just outside the city of Hue in Vietnam. Its brother is in an outskirt town of Tacoma,WA called Gig Harbour.
    I think it is such a great practical way to begin claiming ground around the world for Jesus Christ. There were so many dark places we visited and to have prayer stakes, spiritual or physical, I know will make such a difference. God bless x”

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