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Revival Run_ 1 year old!

Revival Run _
1 year old !

So it began on the night of the 25th of January 2011,  over 70 people gathered in Glo and broke up into small revival run teams. Equipped only with some prayer stakes, they prayed for the Holy Spirit to put a place on their heart and then they would venture out and go and pray for God to bless that place with a move of his presence. These were not tame prayers or reserved requests (holding back the best for themselves) but these prayers were wild, audacious and generous. Praying that God would go far beyond any dream or desire that they might have for themselves and asking it for another place, church, college, business and such like…it was quite simply amazing.
All they wanted was for God to break out and visit our nation. It didnt matter where, all that mattered was He moved in power.

One year on Revival Run marks its first birthday. “If we were to be honest we thought it would fizzle out by now” says Mike Andrea founder of Revival Run, “I thought it was having more of an impact on me personally, teaching me how to be foolish for Jesus, willing to take some risks and simply live he adventure!”.
What has actually happened is over 26,000 revival run prayer stakes planted all over the UK and the world, from Thurso to Thailand,
Frankfurt to Australia and it just keeps on going.

Thoughts from the latest Revival Run planning team_
So what next?_
We have been captivated by the scripture that tell the disciples to go from Jerusalem, to Judea, Samaria and the rest of the world, so we though lets do that then!
From the weekend anniversary we step into our first 245-7 week of prayer for the year and also some big dreams for revival run_
1) We are going to bless every church in our locality – our Jerusalem, 63 churches. Every week a small team will leave the Prayer Lock In and go to and pray in the grounds of a local church, prayer stake its and simply ask for God to go beyond our wildest dreams for ourselves for that church. In that same week we are also going to send them a little treat and thank them for what they are doing in reaching the community we live. We want to celebrate what they are doing!

2) Throughout 2012 we want to see every city in the UK prayer staked through revival run. Sarah Miller nudged the idea by being brave, praying for to be led to certain places, contacting local church leaders and simply going there with a small team and blessing them. Amazing stories have been coming from these guys and you read some on the website.
There are 66 official cities in the UK that’s one for every book of the Bible.

3) This year we launch probably what will become the last chapter of revival run….to see every major capital of the world experience a revival run and be prayer staked. In total there are 196, that 196 opportunties for people to literally be the adventure and pray for a global move of God…C’mon.
We are making special capital city prayer stakes to give to anyone who is going to those places….its going to be amazing.

By Mike Andrea

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