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Revival Run_Article by Steve Woods

Revival Run in Australia
By Steve Woods

One of the most amazing experiences of my life was standing with 300 people on a map of Europe and listening to the fervent prayers for God to move powerfully across the continent.  The 24-7 Eurogathering in Frankfurt, Germany was an awesome outpouring of prayer for Europe.  But for this Aussie, there was one burning thought – who is doing this for my nation, the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit?

So I decided there that I had do make my first Revival Run.  I committed to God that prayer stake I had plucked from the pile on the floor and I promised to plant it in my town.  A few weeks, and many thousands of miles later I was home.

Home for me is Whyalla, South Australia.  A regional town of about 23,000 people, 4 hours drive north-west of Adelaide.  I planted my stake on a hill overlooking the city and prayed.  I prayed for Whyalla, that the outpouring of prayer and healing we have already started to see through 24-7 Prayer would continue.  And I prayed that Whyalla would be the centre from which the outpouring  would spread across our vast, dry land.

And then God spoke!  If Whyalla was to be the hub, we needed to do our own revival runs!  So we set to it, making 200 prayer stakes to hand out at church.  We stole the idea from Eurogathering – marked out a big map of Australia on the floor – and gave out the stakes as people committed to make their Aussie Revival Runs.

From November 13th – 20th we had a combined churches week of non-stop prayer for our city.  We loaded the prayer room with prayer stakes, and more people committed to praying for our nation.

From our small town, the prayers are going out.  A few stories we have heard so far are:

·       A stake being flown to Queensland with a couple as they visited their daughter.
·       A stake being planted at Snowtown, a town with a terrible reputation – perhaps Australia’s darkest and most horrific serial murders took place here.  Prayers for redemption and transformation were prayed.
·       2 school employees on a school camp prayer staked their journey, including the main shopping mall of Adelaide and they even prayer staked the public gallery of South Australia’s Parliament House during a question time.
·       Someone seeing a vision of a park they had to plant a stake in.  They knew the town, but not the park.  When they described the park to someone who grew up in that town, she immediately recognised the description.  When the person drove up to the park, it was exactly as she’d seen in the vision, she planted the stake and prayed blessing and revival over the town!

More Revival Runs are planned across our state and our nation.  People who visited our prayer room from Melbourne, Victoria, took stakes to seed revival on their long drive home!

Aussies are catching the vision!  We are praying bigger prayers for our Nation and believing God will answer them – that the desert land will full of streams of living water! We’d love you to pray with us.


Steve Woods Bio

Steve is married to Vicki and has three really cool kids.  They live in Whyalla, South Australia, where Steve is the Lead Pastor at Whyalla Baptist Church ( <> ).  He is passionate about the local church engaging in mission in their own backyard, and champions prayer wherever and whenever he gets a chance.  Steve also blogs ( and tweets (@_steve_woods) in a manner his family call “excessive”.


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