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Revival Runners_How to make your prayer stake

Monday, October 17th, 2011
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As you may have heard, Revival Run is all about prayer. Simply to go, be the adventure for another town, place, school, church, community, university, office, council and pray the biggest prayer you can muster not to see anything in return, but to see revival flow to people in need of breakthrough and the awesome relationship with Jesus realised! This is what we are praying for; for God to take our simple act of going and to honour it with real change, salvation and healings happening all over this nation and others!

We just happened to use a bit of wood as a symbol and our instrument of prayer, but the real significance comes from our prayers and believing that when we stake the ground we are literally widening the boundary of the realisation of heaven coming to earth! The best thing is that it doesn’t have to be our bit of wood: it can be a pen, a lollypop, a plant anything you like if it is prayed with the audacious heart of self-less prayer for God to come!

So check out the blue peter style video above about how to make your own prayer stake and why not get your kids involved, your youth group, your leadership team, your whole congregation and prayerfully and worshipfully make some ground-breakers to prayer for revival! Go on – Be the adventure!!

If you would simply like to order some of our prayer stakes we would love to send you some! Please visit the shop section of the website and you can find all the details there!

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