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Revival Run_24/7 Eurogathering in Aufstehen

It’s less than 24 hours until the Revival Run team head out from the England shores to make our way to Frankfurt, for Aufstehen, the 24-7 Eurogathering.
24-7 are gathering over 300 people in Frankfurt to pray for Europe. It has been said that Europe is now ‘post-Christian’, however this label is not what we believe is the destiny for Europe and rather than be discouraged, we see this label as an invitation. An invitation for people, that burn with the truth of gospel, to make a decision to be counted and be the difference.
We will be handing out a prayer stake to a representative from each nation, given the mandate to go and pray for revival to break out in another nation. They will be encouraged to get away and pray, declare and call down a fresh move of God somewhere other than the place they call home.
The goal is to see every country in Europe prayed for by someone from another place; a massive moment in history, when a continent that at times has been so divided, will be united by the spirit of generosity.
We believe this will spark a movement of people leaving their nation to go to another with a simple desire; a desire that the country would never be the same again after their prayer.
Now that you have read this, please take a moment to pray for Europe and if it has encouraged to be the adventure and do a Revival Run, then please go to the “Contact Us” section of the website.

Its your turn to “Be the Adventure”…

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