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What is Revival Run?

What If?_
People began to pray for other towns, other churches and communities beyond their own territories.

What Would Happen?_
If those same people took their prayers and physically went to some of those places to invite the Presence of God to invade those places once again.

So Why Not?_
Take a moment and be foolish, take a risk, make prayer a stake and just go and stick in the ground of another place and pray!

This is what we call a revival run, take a deep breath, naming a place and planting a prayer. Anyone can do it and everyone should, who knows what might happen?

Revival Run is simply an idea, an idea that came out of a moment of prayer that some people thought about playing there part in praying across a nation.

Born out of a church in the south east of the UK Global Generation Church have a simple prayer….That God would go beyond their wildest imaginations for their own town in other places.

Inspired by a comment made_ “We don’t have everything but what we do have we should give it away” they thought…everyone has a prayer.


  1. Becky Cassini says:

    Sounds like a AWESOME GOD idea to me!! Did something similar a few years ago around my home, with verses from the Bible on seedling tags! Will explore rest of website and see how God wants me to respond. Every Blessing!

  2. [...] Inspired by a comment made – ‘We don’t have everything but what we do have we should give it away’ they thought…everyone has a prayer. –  from [...]

  3. mechelle says:

    we picked up many sticks .the first two are going to be placed in shaw manchester .also crawley.west sussex. and horley west sussex.and chelmsford , on the list ..i believe prayer is heard by our father in heaven and we will see amazing things happen .

    • alifell says:

      Make sure you shoot some photo’s and video for us so we can post your adventure on the website! It is really exciting! Tell us when they have been planted!

  4. Tom Wilson says:

    After a 24 hour prayer vigil held in Whiteabbey Methodist Church, the following areas were prayed for and stakes taken to be planted:
    Glenarrif Park; Whiteabbey Village; Glenville Road Community Centre; Rathcoole area; Cloughfern Corner andMonkstown. All are places in Newtownabbey, N. Ireland

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